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Games are here!
Published on Jun 10th, 2024 09:54 pm

Yes, after its long awaited arrival, Games are here.

They are simple games, anyone can play. This is intentional to allow everyone to access the wonder of gaming.


Simply, buy, earn or claim coins (You even get them free every day with the Upgraded membership)

Play games and for each bet you make you will gain points on the gaming Contest.

The top 10 win prizes of boost tokens and 1st place will win the entire prize pot.


The prize pot starts at $1 every month then is increased by a percentage of all coin sales and coin claims. Be the top gamer and win the entire prize pool!


You will also earn up to 2% of your referrals coin bets, so get referring, get playing and get winning!

Shares Correction & More updates
Published on Jun 05th, 2024 10:43 am

One of our loyal users have found a bug in shares, they were giving out cash but not updating their day age. This has now been fixed and +3 days have been added to the shares to counter the 3 days.

This member has earned a bounty for finding and reporting the bug.


As you ay have noticed our new design is here with a few spoilers..


We will be adding games over the next few weeks. You can use coins to play games. The biggest gamer at the end of the month will win a nice cash prize!

Look out for notifications on this in the future.


We are also adding Quests to go on daily, Boosts to increase your earnings and a Hall of fame/ Achievement gallery for all the outstanding members to be honoured and rewarded!


So much fun to be had, its good to have you all here to experiance it.

New features and more to come.
Published on May 30th, 2024 12:59 pm

As you have noticed we now have over 200 clickable ads every day for you to enjoy. If your competitive you can go for a top 3 spot in our top clicker daily contest.

We have updated how clickwalls reflect in your referral statistics so now you can see the earnings and clicks just like you do with ptc ads.

We will be adding more statistics and updating some other features over the next few weeks, toadd more fun toanalready packed website look out for a grid and traffic exchange addon, also we are planning to add shortlinks to earn even more every day.


So tell your friends, remember you earn 50% of your referrals ptc and ClickWall clicks as well as 10% of all their ad purchases, so spread the word. Feel free to open a support ticket with any suggestions or reviews.

We will be getting a new design very soon. We will want to add reviews and display the top clicker and the overall champion clicker



New site - New start
Published on May 03rd, 2024 03:01 pm

Formally only ever a faucet owner i decided to give PTC a go. Couldnt help but feel it was empty so i coded a faucet. Simple, clean and rewarding.

I am a developer, not a designer as you can see so a design will be coming in time when i find the right people.

I hope you enjoy this website, my first attempt at PTC. I have also added another nice extra feature my faucets always had. So go find our coupon code claimer and use code: 133757427 for 25 cents to spend on advertising and really give this site a boost.


We have now added PTP, earn points to exchange weekly! Turn those scam sites into earning sites by adding our advertisment and cashing in where they wont pay!


- Admin